Membrane Process Services
Membrane Process Services 

Specialist services for membrane system operators

Membrane Cleaning

Chemical cleaning on and off site for:

  • reverse osmosis (RO) systems
  • ultrafiltration (UF) systems
  • membrane bioreactor (MBR) systems

Site Services

Supply and fitting of membranes. Hydraulic modelling for different membrane types. System redesign for higher plant output, improved product quality or increased product water recovery. Plant troubleshooting. Performance monitoring and normalisation. Operator training. Pilot plant design. Pilot trial supervision. Ongoing technical support and maintenance.

New membranes and prefilters

Lanxess reverse osmosis membrane elements

Hidrotek reverse osmosis membrane elements

Loan sets of membranes (here)

Refurbished reverse osmosis membrane elements

Membrane Process Chemicals

A range of potent membrane-compatible chemicals for cleaning and scale prevention with expert technical support

UK Pure Water Supplies

Reverse osmosis systems up to 20 m3 per day. 4040 and 4021 RO membranes. Resin and resin vessels. Prefilters, housings and single use ultrafilters. Spares for window cleaning pure water systems. Systems and spares for Koi and aquarium hobbyists. Systems and spares for nitrate and pesticide removal from private water supplies.

Other filter media services

Descaling of ion exchange resin. Washing and sterilisation of ion exchange resin. Spin-KlinTM media regeneration

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