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Membrane Process Services - United Kingdom

Membrane cleaning services

Every day we are resolving issues like these


Membrane Process Services provide specialist maintenance and expert removal of fouling, scaling and biofilm sludge from chemically sensitive media:


  • reverse osmosis membranes  
  • ion exchange resin
  • nanofiltration membranes
  • ultrafiltration membranes
  • microfiltration membranes


We work across many sectors of industry including water supply, power generation, specialised manufacturing, and food and beverage production. We mostly undertake work in the UK and Ireland.


In our ten years of operation we have saved our Clients many millions of pounds in membrane and media replacement costs. 

Innovative solutions

It is difficult to keep membrane plant free of fouling and inefficient control or pre-treatment regimes don't help. We work with clients to provide the best technical solution to membrane fouling and other operational problems and in doing so help them to realise the maximum working life from their membranes


On and offsite membrane cleaning [more]

Our Bristol based membrane cleaning and test centre is equipped with facilities to provide intensive cleaning of the following types of membranes:

  • 8" spirally wound reverse osmosis elements of 40" and 60" length
  • 8" spirally wound nanofiltration and ultrafiltration elements
  • pressurized UF membrane modules in ported vessels (e.g. Berghoff, Norit) 
  • submerged UF/MF modules of flat plate or hollow fibre type


When a project requires it, we will work 24/7 to get membranes back on time to minimise Clients' system downtime.

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