Membrane Process Services
Membrane Process Services

RO and NF cleaning

Reverse osmosis and nanofiltration systems are predominantly engineered around the industry standard 8" spirally wound membrane element. The narrow flow path and high packing density of membrane within these modules renders them susceptible to loss of performance due to fouling by biological, organic and inorganic material brought into the system in the feed water.


Most systems include a clean-in-place (CIP) capability to control moderate levels of membrane fouling. However, where fouling levels are extreme, or the CIP system is inadequate, membrane fouling can quickly build within the system where recovery on site is impossible. In these cases we offer the option for plant operators to carry out intensive off site cleaning which involves us cleaning the individual membrane elements one-by-one. We can usually recover even severely fouled membrane elements and save plant operators the cost of new membranes.


Loan sets of membranes are available to clients. We can also supply new membrane elements at highly competitive prices Hidrotek membrane elements

Offsite membrane cleaning

Our off-site cleaning system in Bristol is equipped to deal with 8" diameter spirally wound membrane elements of 40" and 60" length. All common reverse osmosis and spirally wound UF membrane elements can be accomodated within this system. 


Many of our clients operate RO systems suffering high fouling rates that cannot be effectively cleaned-in-place. Other clients operate systems that have no clean-in-place facility. It is very rare that we cannot recover membranes to a viable operating position using our toolbox of intensive cleaning techniques.


On site membrane cleaning

We provide specialist staff and chemical agents to plan and carry out clean in place processes at the client site. This service is intended to support those end users that operate largely unsupervised plant, or those who require specialist technical support. We can help you develop a tailored clean-in-place process suitable for your needs and provide risk assessments and method statements for ongoing operations.


Membrane & Process Services can also provide assistance in setting up performance normalisation and monitoring systems as part of a regular maintenance programme, operator training and ongoing technical support.


Membrane element performance testing

In support of our work, our membrane testing facility is equipped with a performance  testing rig for the characterisation of individual 8” membrane elements. Using this equipment, clients will be able to benchmark their membrane elements against the standard test conditions quoted by manufacturers' data sheets.


This system will provide:

  • Normalised product flow data for individual membrane element
  • Salt rejection data for individual membrane element
  • Differential pressure from feed – concentrate under defined cross flow conditions

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