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Membrane cleaning investigation

Cleaning tests on single membrane elements;


The key to a successful cleaning operation is to identify the foulant type and to tailor the cleaning programme accordingly. The membrane cleaning summary table provides an over view of many foulant types and preferred chemical cleaning agents.


Whatever the type of fouling involved, it is important to remember the chemical limits (pH, temperature, ppm-hours of oxidant contact) of the membrane in use, and not to exceed these at any time in the cleaning process. However, membrane foulants that are not successfully cleaned from the system can become resistant and require the implementation of more aggressive cleaning agents, which in turn reduce membrane working lifetime and can potentially void performance guarantees.


Where severe fouling of a membrane system has taken place, the operator is forced to try out aggressive cleaning regimes which may use high or low pH, high temperature, or even require the use of an oxidising compound that could potentially damage the membranes in place. These regimes can often be effective, but the operator may be required to risk substantial numbers of membranes with no guarantee of success.


Our experimental facility is ideally suited to allow customers to test out aggressive cleaning operations on single membrane elements taken from their system. We would normally request the client to send the worst fouled element in the system, which would provide the test bed for devising and optimising the cleaning programme that could subsequently be used on the full scale plant at reduced risk





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