Membrane bioreactor process

Membrane bioreactor processes (MBR) use membranes of multiple configurations.


Some use membranes immersed in the biomass (submerged membranes) of flat sheet or hollow fibre configuration while others use side stream filtration in pressurised units.


As with all membranes used to filter water, MBR membranes are susceptible to fouling by organic and inorganic material and this is not always recoverable by using clean-in-place technique


We are able to provide bespoke onsite and offsite cleaning services for all types of MBR membranes.


We recently completed the off site chemical cleaning of 10,000 membrane panels from a membrane bioreactor installation fouled with a mixture of calcium phosphate from a dairy processing plant and ferric hydroxide/phosphate complex from overdosed pre-treatment chemical. Please see below for some photographs of this operation